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Schaumburg Immigration Lawyer


Francis Law is your choice fo an immigration lawyer in Schamburg, Illinois.

At Francis Law we handle a variety of different case types amongst a wide array of categories.

When it comes to your business immigration needs, trust Dr. Jae Francis Lee, a fellow professional and business owner, along with our experienced and supportive team. We understand the importance of attention to detail and will explore all your options.

Attorney Jae Francis Lee is a first-generation immigrant professional with a Ph.D. from New York University. With 22 years of experience as a U.S. history professor at the University of Wisconsin, he is uniquely qualified to guide you on the path to success in securing US citizenship or a family-based, humanitarian, or employment-based visa.

Our founder and the team members at our law firm speak five languages, making communication easier and more convenient for you.

Proven Results

Our Practice Areas

Family Immigration

We specialize in obtaining immigration approval for marriage, children, and family-related cases. Family is what matters most to us at Francis Law Center and we understand it.

Humanitarian Immigration

We provide assistance in humanitarian-based immigration cases, offering support and guidance in challenging situations, regardless of the circumstances.

Waivers & Other Immigration

In specific cases, waivers can be granted, and there are alternative pathways available for immigration approval. We are ready to create a pathway to citzenship for you and the ones you care about.

Employment Immigration

We work directly with employers, as well as individuals seeking employee sponsored immigration. Rest assured, Francis Law Center is here for you and your business no matter what.


Becoming a naturalized citizen is a huge goal fo a lot of our clients. We will help you navigate the road of citizenship with ease and confidence as we work with you side by side to gain permanent residency status.
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