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Initiating the U.S. Citizenship Journey with Form N-400

In the event that an individual was born in a foreign territory and aspires to acquire United States citizenship, the appropriate course of action would involve the submission of a formal application known as Form N-400. Also referred to as a naturalization application, it encompasses distinct prerequisites which deem it essential for attaining citizenship status.

The procedure for obtaining U.S. citizenship can be intricate, prompting numerous individuals to solicit assistance from a legal practitioner specializing in immigration matters.

Diverse Pathways to U.S. Citizenship

In the United States, individuals born outside the country can acquire citizenship by means of the naturalization process. Various pathways towards citizenship exist, including marriage to a United States citizen, service in the United States military, or being a child of a United States citizen.

Nevertheless, the prevailing method to acquire citizenship necessitates being a lawful permanent resident (holder of a Green Card) for a minimum duration of five years. Upon establishing eligibility, one may proceed to initiate the process of obtaining citizenship.

Guidance on Every Step Towards U.S. Citizenship

Navigating the path to U.S. citizenship, with its multifaceted processes and criteria, can be daunting. Francis Law Center is dedicated to demystifying this journey for you. With expert legal guidance and steadfast support, we stand by your side, ensuring your aspirations of becoming a U.S. citizen are realized with clarity and confidence.

The N400 Application for Naturalization Process

  • An individual may initiate the waiver process by soliciting a No Objection Statement from the relevant government authority in their home country. This statement should explicitly declare the absence of any objection on the part of the government to the individual’s continued stay in the United States, thus waiving the two-year home residency requirement. The individual should directly approach their country’s embassy in Washington D.C. to obtain the aforementioned No Objection Statement. Subsequently, the embassy will transmit the No Objection Statement directly to the Department of State’s Waiver Review Decision.

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