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NIW Visa

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Obtaining a National Interest Waiver (NIW), commonly referred to as an NIW, enables you to attain lawful permanent residency (LPR) in the United States through an EB-2 green card. The NIW empowers you to make valuable contributions to the US for the betterment of society. An NIW does not necessitate employer sponsorship or a labor certification.

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Understanding the NIW Visa Needs

  • An EB-2 visa is an employment-based visa for second preference workers, who are professionals with advanced degrees or exhibit exceptional ability. The EB-2 visa has three categories:

    EB-2 A: Advanced Degree
    EB-2 B: Exceptional Ability
    EB-2 C: National Interest Waiver

    Labor certification is required for the first two subcategories of this visa, which will be discussed further below. The National Interest Waiver (NIW), the third subcategory, allows qualified individuals to work under the EB-2 visa without a labor certification. An NIW requires demonstrating a cause or position that significantly benefits the United States.

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