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P Visa


Visas for athletes and entertainers

The P visa, a temporary work visa in the United States, is accessible to exceptional athletes, athletic teams, and entertainment firms (including circuses) who have received a job offer from a U.S. employer. Visas with corresponding letter-number designations may also be granted to their essential support personnel. There is no annual cap on the number of individuals eligible for P visas.

Proven Results

Understanding the P Visa Needs

  • P-1 visas are available to athletes or athletic teams that have achieved international recognition for a significant and continuous duration. Similarly, entertainment companies that have attained national acclaim for an extended period are also eligible. P-1 visas can be granted based on the proficiency of a group.

    For an entertainment company, each performer aiming to qualify for a P-1 visa must have been an integral part of the group for a minimum of one year. However, it is possible to exempt up to 25% of performers from this one-year requirement in special circumstances. This requirement may also be waived in exceptional situations, such as when a critical performer is unable to travel due to unanticipated circumstances or illness. It’s important to note that the one-year requirement applies only to performers and not to support personnel or those working for circuses, including performers.

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