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TN Visa

Specialty occupation visa for Canadians and Mexicans


Pursuant to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a distinctive economic and trade association was established among the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This agreement also gave rise to a distinctive nonimmigrant classification (TN), permitting Mexican and Canadian citizens temporary entry into the U.S. for designated occupations and activities endorsed by NAFTA.

The work must exhibit professionalism and meet the prerequisites for said occupations. TN visa holders are not entitled to dual intent, hence it is imperative to seek legal counsel if you have an interest in pursuing a Green Card while under this visa.

Proven Results

Understanding the TN Visa Needs

  • To qualify for a TN NAFTA visa:

    • You must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico (permanent residents not eligible)
    • Your profession must be on the NAFTA list – see the full list here
    • You must work for an employer and provide proof of employment
    • You must meet the education and other job requirements of the occupation

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