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Parent Green Cards


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The U.S. Citizen child may petition for their parents in the United States or overseas. If the
foreign parents are in the United States, the foreign parents may apply to adjust their status to
permanent residency in the United States, which is popularly referred as a green card or
adjustment of status.

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Understanding the Parent Green Card Process

  • In order to be eligible to petition for your parents’ green cards, the following requirements
    must be met:

    -The petitioner must be a U.S. Citizen

    -It was established that the U.S. Citizen is the biological and legitimate child of the
    foreign parents; and

    -The foreign parents were inspected and admitted upon the last entry into the United

    But that’s not all. The possibility of a successful green card petition for parents also hinges on
    other factors such as whether the U.S. Citizen child was born out of wedlock, other grounds for
    inadmissibility, parents’ prior U.S. immigration history, and the use of prior nonimmigrant visas.
    Even something as seemingly harmless as a driving conviction can affect the outcome of your
    parent’s green card applications.
    If your parents entered the United States without inspections, there is a possible remedy.
    Parents may need a waiver in order to obtain an immigrant visa. There are other situations
    where a waiver may be required, depending on the circumstances of your case. If any of these
    situations apply to your parents, it is highly recommended to consult with an experience
    immigration attorney prior to filing any application.

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